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What is Music Tutor's Hero?

Music Tutor's Hero is a revolutionary online digital toolkit for the modern independent instrumental music tutor.

Created by music tutors for music tutors whether you're a peripatetic tutor in schools, teaching in studios, music shops or your home studio, this cloud based, PC and tablet friendly Personal Organiser is perfect for all your pupil and music lesson management needs.

There's no software to install — it's all available at the click of a mouse or a tap of the screen from any web browser and because all your lessons, tutorials and records are stored securely in the cloud you can access your portfolio anywhere, anytime from any device that can connect to the internet.

And here's the really cool part — so can your pupils and their parents!

Transform your music lessons…

Music Tutor's Hero lets you create profiles for each of your pupils, where you can store and organise all your teaching essentials such as contact details, tutorials, lesson notes, lesson history, targets and lesson calendars. Even teaching media such as video clips, audio clips and sheet music can be added to make your tutoring experience as rich, comprehensive and simple as possible.

Lesson reminders will be automatically emailed to pupils, along with each lesson's schedule. Also each pupil's lesson notes, targets, attendance and progress can be tracked and both pupil and parent can log in and see just how they're getting on.

…and your music teaching business

Need your payments organising? No problem. Payment invoices can be sent and payments tracked for each pupil.

Music Tutor's Hero takes the pain out of the administration and management side of your independent music teaching business leaving you to concentrate on the fun stuff — actually teaching music! It will also give you a 21st century advantage over the competition in your area too — your lesson delivery will be modern, interactive, engaging and completely in line with the cutting edge tech savvy social networking music students of today.

Think about it — say goodbye to endless writing out or photocopying lessons and tutorials, no more loaning out books, no more carting round massive folders and dog eared files of paperwork and no more relying on students to remember homework sheets, deliver paper reports, letters or notes to their parents. Now both can simply log in, track their progress and get involved, or have all the information they need sent to them over the web automatically, making your tutoring by far the smartest and best value for money around, hands down.

Which devices are compatible with Music Tutor's Hero?

PC, Tablet and Mobile devices. Any device which can connect to the internet is compatible.

Can I use the site on my mobile device?

With an online connection, yes you can.

Do I need to install any software on my device to use Music Tutor's Hero?

No. There is nothing to install or download. Get connected to the internet connection and you are ready to go!

All information is updated and securely stored on Music Tutor's Hero.

Is there a Music Tutor's Hero app?

No. The Music Tutor's Hero app is in development.

Privacy and Security

Who can see my personal information?

The website and each profile is password protected. No teaching information is viewable by the public.

By creating pupil profiles, you allow those pupils to access their profile, lesson information and lesson invoices you assign to them plus your teaching contact information. Each pupil will have access to their own lesson information ONLY.

How secure is the website?

Music Tutor's Hero offers a secure, online environment for you to store all your teaching business essentials. Accessible from anywhere at any time.

The website is SSL secure.

Tutor Profiles and Pupil Profiles

How do tutor profiles work?

The website provides each tutor with a secure 'tutor profile'.

Here you can upload, store and access all your teaching essentials – your contact information for your pupils, your calendar, teaching media, invoices plus each pupil's information regarding their music lessons. This is not open to the public. You assign any teaching notes and media to specific pupil's profiles for your pupils to view when they log in to their profile.

The contact details and welcome message you can see in the 'Tutor Info' box on your Dashboard can be viewed by pupils who have access to a pupil profile you create. This information can be edited by clicking your 'Account' tab at the top of the page.

When creating invoices for pupils your contact information and payment details will automatically be displayed within in each invoice.

How do pupil profiles work?

A 'Pupil Profile' allows the pupil to log in and view their personal information only, thus creating an online area for each pupil and (where applicable) their parents to view their learning journey. This helps the tutor, the pupil and their parents measure the pupil's progress by providing an environment where all lesson information is documented, transparent and easily accessible.

Once your 'Tutor Profile' is set up you can then create 'Pupil Profiles' and invite your pupils and their parents to log in.

Click the Pupil tab and Add Pupil. Create a pupil profile and add their information and, where applicable, their parent's. Create a username and password for the pupil then invite them to log in. Passwords can be updated by pupils or you, the tutor, at any time. As the tutor, you have control over the profiles. Pupils cannot upload files or information.


Send automatic email reminders for all lessons on your calendar.

Reminders are emailed to pupils 24hrs in advance.

How do I add lessons to my calendar?

Use the online calendar to create your teaching timetables. Use the Add Lesson button to add lessons to your calendar and create Lesson Pages.

Automatic lesson reminders will be emailed to each pupil for their scheduled lesson. All lesson schedules are easy to create and edit at any point. A lesson for a pair or group of pupils can be created also.

Creating Lesson Pages

How do I create a Lesson Page?

Use the online calendar to create a lesson schedule. Hit the Add Lesson button and input the lesson information, this automatically creates a Lesson Page for the pupil.

Once the lesson is created, the pupil will receive an automatic emailed lesson reminder before the lesson.

They will also be able to log in and see their lesson date, time, venue and view any notes and media you may add to the Lesson Page.

How do Lesson Pages work?

At a Lesson Page, you can add lesson notes for each pupil and attach any media from your Media Library.

Each created lesson will be saved and stored for you to view as an individual lesson with a lesson history list being created also.

When lesson notes have been input for a pupil, that pupil can log in and see their specific information only. A tutor can also add confidential notes viewable by the tutor only.

Who can see the information I save on Lesson Pages?

Each created lesson will be saved and stored for you, the tutor, to view as an individual lesson with a lesson history list being created to view. When a lesson is created and lesson notes have been input for a pupil, that pupil can log in and see their specific information only. They cannot view other pupil's lesson notes, calendar or contact details.

Within each lesson page you can add confidential notes viewable by the tutor only.


Can I upload my teaching media and files?

Yes. Upload all your teaching media for use within your lessons. You can also add any file to a pupil's lesson for them to revisit after the lesson.

You can directly upload videos, documents and images to your media library. You can also input YouTube or Vimeo URLs and store clips.

No more transporting bags of equipment and media players with you. Log in and access all your teaching files from any online device.

Invoices you create for your pupils

Use the Music Tutor's Hero invoicing register to track your music lesson invoices.

Quickly create, edit and save your invoices.

How does pupil invoicing work?

You can create invoices for your music lesson pupils. The Add Invoice button allows you to input the invoice information and creates your invoice. You'll find all your created invoices within the invoice register. Here you can mark invoices paid or unpaid.

When creating invoices for pupils your contact information and payment details will be automatically displayed within each invoice. Each pupil can view the invoices you've created for them when they log in.

Starter and Business subscribers receive extended registers and are able to email invoices direct to pupils or download them. Please note: Tutors using the Free service receive limited invoice storage and cannot email invoices direct to pupils from the Music Tutor's Hero website.

Can I email invoices direct to my pupils via Music Tutor's Hero?

Yes, our Starter and Business subscribers can. Free service users cannot.

Alongside the invoicing register, Starter and Business subscribers can directly email invoices to their pupils.

At the point of emailing music lesson invoices, the tutor can add a personalised message.

What information will appear on my invoices?

Alongside the date, pricing and lesson amount information you input, Music Tutor's Hero will automatically input an invoice number, your contact information and pupil payment information from your profile. Go to Account to edit pupil payment and contact details.

How many invoices can I create, save and send to my pupils?

Free service users may create and save 10 invoices.

Starter level subscribers may create and save 50 invoices and directly email or download each invoice.

Business level subscribers may create and save unlimited invoices and directly email or download each invoice.

Will my invoices show an invoice number?

Yes. As you create an invoice for your pupil Music Tutor's Hero will create an individual invoice number helping your track payment.

How will my pupils know when I've received their payments?

When pupils log in to their profiles they can see the invoices you have created for them. They will see a Paid or Unpaid mark on the invoice, as you do on your invoice register. As you create an invoice it is marked Unpaid as default.

Within the Invoice register, edit the invoice Paid or Unpaid by clicking the Edit button on any invoice. Editing the invoice to Paid will display 'Paid' on the pupil profile when they log in to view.

Remember the invoice will remain Unpaid as default until you update it.

Pricing and Subscriptions

Can I join for free?

Yes, you can join Music Tutor's Hero for free with access to most features with no time limit!

Do I get extra benefits and features if I subscribe?


Our subscription levels are aimed at each tutor's teaching circumstances – from our free level through to the business package.

Each level accommodates extended invoicing features and more media file storage.

You decide which is best for you – we're teachers too and understand there's no point in paying for features you're never going to use!

ALL subscription levels give you online access to these great features

  • Create unlimited pupil profiles
  • Compile a teaching calendar with automatic lesson reminders for your pupils
  • Upload teaching files to your media library – videos, jpegs, mp3s, documents, YouTube URLs and Vimeo URLs.
  • Add lesson notes and build a lesson history for you and your pupils to view and interact with
  • Create invoices for your music lessons. Keep track of lesson invoices with the online invoice register

There is no time limit to any of these features.

Our Free package allows tutors to create and save 10 invoices and to upload 10 media files.

Subscribers receive these additional features

The Starter package enables a tutor to create and save 50 invoices with added invoicing features. Email invoices directly to pupils and view or download each invoice PDF. Your pupils receive this feature also.

The Media Library is extended to 50 media files

The Business package is for the professional tutor allowing unlimited invoices to be created and stored. These invoices can be emailed directly to pupils, viewed or available as a download. This tutor's pupils can view and download invoices also.

The Media Library is extended to 250 media files.

What are the costs to my pupils or their parents?

The service is free to all pupils and their parents.

The tutor has control over who is invited into their teaching profile. When invited pupils log in, the pupil can view their own specific information ONLY.

The pupils and parents will receive free lesson reminders, access to their lesson notes, media and history and their invoicing register. They simply log in and see the profile you create for them.

This creates a better teaching environment for your pupils and their parents adding real monetary worth to your teaching practice. Gain the edge over your teaching competitors!

How does Music Tutor's Hero bill for membership fees?

All payments to Music Tutor's Hero are powered by Stripe.

Subscription fees will be taken monthly.

What if I want to upgrade or downgrade my subscription level?

You can upgrade or downgrade easily and at any time.

You will receive a prompt if you reach your invoice or media limits.

How long does my free subscription last?

There is no time limit on our Free subscription. However, there is a limit on pupil invoicing features and media file numbers.

What happens if I reach the invoice or media file limit on my subscription level?

You will be notified and given the option to upgrade. The decision is yours.